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Large Leather Rose in Glass Vase - Amethyst Purple


This dimensional leather rose is about 4 inches across and 2 inches high. It's enclosed in glass vase. Three leaves are made out of grass green leather and are embossed with realistic veins. Stem is flexible and can shaped as needed. Petals are heat treated, and will retain their shape over the years. 

Leather rose is enclosed in glass vase which is 4 1/2 in diameter and 6 1/8 inches tall. 

Make the gift giving moment even more special with color changing LED light (included with your purchase)! The light runs on batteries (up to 12 hours), which can be replaced.

To add the light and crystals:

1. Unscrew the light and remove the cardboard circle that prevents contact with batteries.
2. Place the light on the bottom of the vase.
3. Position the flower to your liking
4. Carefully holding the flower, add crystals to the vase.

Please note: glass vase can pick up fingerprints which can easily be removed with Windex.

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